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Sở Tâm Lý Chiến Nha Kỹ Thuật BTTM/QLVNCH

Republic of Viet-Nam Military Mail Terms:

Ban Quan Y = Medical Unit
Bao Chinh Doan = National Guard
Bao Dam (BD) = Registered
Bao Toan va Tiep Lieu = Maintenance & Supply
Bat Chanh Qui Quan = Irregular Troops
Benh Xa = Dispensary (Medical)
Biet Cach Nhay Du = Airborne Rangers
Biet Doi = "Special Group" - temporary unit for a single mission
Biet Doi Thao Go (BDTG) = Special Team Defuse (explosives)
Biet Dong Quan (BDQ) = Ranger
Biet Hai Quan = Special Navy
Binh Bi = Military
Binh Doan = Regional Army Corps
Binh Nhat = Private First Class
Binh Nhat Phao Binh = Private First Class, Artillery
Binh Nhi = Private
Binh Nhi Bo Binh = Private, Infantry
Binh Si Nhay Du = Parachutist
Binh Chung Truyen Tin = Signal Corps
Bo Binh (BB) = Infantry
Bo Binh Co Van = Motorized Infantry
Bo Chi Huy (BCH) = Command Post / Fleet Command (Navy)
Bo Tu Lenh (BTL) = Headquarters
Bo Tu Lenh Ham Doi = Naval Fleet Headquarters
Buu Chinh = Postal Service
Buu Dien = Post Office
Buu Phi = Postage
Buu Ta = Postman
Buu Tin = Mail
Buu Tin Vien = Mail Clerk
Buu Uy = Military Mailman or Courier, Usually Without the Authority of Buu Tin Vien (q.v.)
Can Cu (Cn) or (CC) = Base
Can Cu Hai Quan (CCHQ) = Naval Base
Canh Sat Quoc Gia = National Police or "White Mice"
Cao Xa = Anti-Aircraft Unit
Cap Tuong Khong Quan = General Grade Officer, Air Force
Cap Tuong Hai Quan = General Grade Officer, Navy
Cap Tuong Phong Khong = General Grade Officer, Air Defense
Chi Doi = Armored Squadron
Chi Huy Truong (CHT) = Commanding Officer
Chien Doan (CD) = Brigade or Task Force
Chien Si = Warrior
Chien Tranh Chanh Tri (CTCT) = Political Warfare Unit
Chien Tranh Tam Ly (CTTL) = Psychological Warfare Department
Chien Truong = Battlefield
Chieu Hoi Program = Open Arms Program, Sought to Encourage Communist Defectors
Chuan Tuong = Aspirant / Brigadier General
Chuan Uy (C/U,CH/U or CH/UY) = Warrant Officer (top of NCO rank / Aspirant) / Cadet - Air Force
Chuan Uy Quan Phap = Warrant Officer, Military Justice
Chuyen Nghiep (CN) = Specialist
Chuyen Phong = Border Defense
Chuyen Van = Transport (Naval Flotilla)
Chuyen Vien Pha Huy = Demolition Specialist
Chuyen Vien Tiep Te = Supply Specialist
Co Khi (CK) = Mechanic
Cong Binh (CB) = Engineers
Cong Chuc Quoc Phong = Civilian Working for Military Unit
Da Chin = Field as in Da Chien So 2 - 2d Field Division
Dai Bac = Cannon
Dai Doi (DD) = Company
Dai Doi Biet Hai (DDBH) = Special Navy Company
Dai Duong = Ocean
Dai Ta = Colonel / Senior Grade Officer
Dai Ta Bo Binh = Colonel, Infantry
Dai Tuong = Senior General (equivalent to US General)
Dai Uy = Captain
Dai Uy Thiet Giap = Captain, Armour
Dai Ta = Colonel ("Senior Grade Superior Officer")
Dai Uy = Captain ("Senior Grade Junior Officer")
De Nhat Quan Khu = Military Zone 1 ("De Nhat" = One, borrowed from the Chinese)
Dia Phuong Quan (DPQ or DP) = Regional Forces
Dien Thoai Vien = Telephone Operator
Dinh Vu So (DVS) = Job Number
Doan = Squadron or Group, General Term for a Front, Division, Brigade, etc.
Doan Vu Ky (DVK) = Weapons Group
Don Trai = Camp
Don Vi = Unit
Dong Dan = Escort Ship
Du Bi = Preparatory / Temporary
Duong Van Ham (DVH) = Landing Ship Transport
Duyen Doan (DD15) = Coastal Division
Duyen Phong = Coastal Defense
Giang Canh (GC) = River Police
Giang Doan = River Group
Giang Doan Ngan Chan (GDNC) = River Interdiction Group
Giang Doan Thuy Bo (GDTB) = Amphibious River Group
Giang Doan Thuan Tham (GDTT) = River Patrol Group
Giang Doan Ho Tong = River Escort Group
Giang Doan Truc Loi = River Mine Group
Giang Doan Xuan Phong = River Assault Group
Ha Si = Corporal
Ha Si Quan (HSQ) = Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO)
Ha Si Quan Y = Corporal, Medical Unit
Hai Doi = Navy Group / Flotilla
Hai Luc = Sea Force
Hai Phao Ha Si Quan Chuyen Nghiep (HP HSQ/CN) = NCO War Ship Cannon Specialist
Hai Quan (HQ) = Navy
Hai Quan Cao Xa (HQCX) = Naval Anti-Aircraft Unit
Hanh Quan (HQ) = In the Field / Operation
Hanh Quan Vuot Bien = Operation Outside Vietnam; Likely Cambodia or Laos
Hau Cu = Main Base / "In Vietnam" (For Out-of-Country Operations)
Hau Phuong = Rear Area
Hau Ve Quan = Rear Guard
Ho Tong Ham = Patrol Craft
Hoa Hoc = Chemical Branch
Hoa Van Ham (HVH) = Oil Transport Ship
Hoc Vien = NCO or Enlisted Man Attending Advanced Specialized Training
Hoc Vien Ha Si Quan Bo Binh Co Gioi = NCO Trainee, Armourer
Hoc Vien Hai Phao = Trainee War Ship Cannon Group
Hoi Chanh = Former Communist who defected to South Vietnamese side
Ho Tong = Escort (Naval)
Ho Tong Ham (HTH) = Patrol Craft / Escort
Huan Luyen (HL) = Training
Huan Luyen Can Ban = Basic Training
Huan Luyen Cao Cap = Advanced Training
Huan Luyen Chien Thuat = Tactical Training
Huan Luyen Ky Thuat = Technical Training
Huan Luyen Vien = Instructor or Drill Master
Huong Dao Vien = Scout
Khan = Urgent
Khoa = Class (e.g. Khoa 3/73 = 3d class 1973)
Khoa Sinh Ha Si Quan (KSHSQ) = NCO Trainee
Khong Doan Chien Thuat = Tactical Wing
Khong Doan Yem Cu (KQYC) = Base Support Air Group
Khong Phan = Air Space
Khong Quan (KQ) = Air Force
Khong Quan Cua Hai Quan = Naval Aviation
Khong Soan = Wing (Air Force)
Khong Tap = Air Strike
Khong Tham = Air Reconnaisance
Khu Buu Chinh (KBC) = Military Postal Zone or Area
Khu Truc Ham (KTH) = Destroyer (Navy)
Kiem Tin = Censored
Kien Tao = Construction
Kinh Binh = Rifleman
Ky Binh = Cavalry
Ky Su = Engineer
Lien Doan (LD) = Group
Lien Doi Nguoi Nhai (LDNN) = Frogman Group
Lien Lo Quan = Army Group
Linh Canh Tu = Prison Guard
Linh Chua Lua = Fireman
Linh Nhay Du = Paratrooper (Airborne)
Linh Phong Ve Duyen Hai = Coast Guard
Linh Thiet Giap = Tankman
Lo Quan = Army
Lu Doan = Brigade
Luc Quan = Ground Forces
Luc Luong Dac Biet (LLDB or LDB) = Special Forces
Luc Luong Dac Nhiem (LLDN or DNLL) = Special Mission Task Force
LLDN Duyen Phong 213 = Special Mission Task Force Coast Guard / Surveillance 213
LLDN Thuy Bo 211 = Special Mission Task Force Sea & Land (Amphibious) 211
LLDN Tuan Tham 212 = Special Mission Task Force Patrol 212
LLDN Trung Uong (or Dong) 214 = Special Mission Task Force Central 214
Luc Luong Duyen Phong (LLDP) = Coastal Defense Task Force
Luc Luong Giang Canh (LLGC) = River Police Force
Luc Luong Gioi Tuyen = Border Force (Special Forces)
Luc Luong Tinh Bao Dac Biet (LLTDB or DNLL) = Special Forces Intelligence
Luc Luong Tuan Tham 212 (LLTT) = Task Force 212
Luc Luong Thuy Bo (LLTB) = Special Naval Infantry (Amphibious) Task Force
Luc Quan = Army
Mat = Confidential
Mat Ma Vien = Cryptologist
Mat Tran = Front
Mu Do = Red Beret (Vietnamese Airborne)
Ngan Chan = Interdiction
Nghia Quan (NQ) = Popular Forces
Nguoi Coi Vo Tuyen Dien = Radio Operator
Nguoi Di Quan Dich = Draftee
Nguoi Chua Vo Tuyen Dien = Radio Repairman
Nguoi Giai Phau = Surgeon
Nguoi Lam Bep = Cook
Nguoi Lanh Dao = Leader
Nguoi Mac Day Dien Thoai = Telephone Line Repairman
Nguoi Nhai = Frogman
Nha = Corps
Nha Binh = Military
Nha Quan Cu = Ordnance Corps
Nha Quan Nhu = Quartermaster Corps
Nha Quan Y = Medical Corps
Nha Thuong = Hospital
Nhay Du (ND) = Airborne / Paratrooper
Nui = Mountain
Oanh Tac Co = Bombardier
Pha Huy = Demolition
Phan Chi Khu (PCK) = District Police (Rural)
Phan Doi = Section (Company or sometimes Regiment)
Phao Binh (PB) = Artillery
Phao Binh Co Van = Motorized Artillery
Phao Binh Da Chien = Field Artillery
Phao Binh Duyen Hai = Coastal Artillery
Phao Binh Hang Nang = Heavy Artillery
Phao Binh Hang Nhe = Light Artillery
Phao Binh Hang Trung = Medium Artillery
Phao Binh Luu Dong = Mobile Artillery
Phao Binh Phong Khong = Anti- Aircraft Artillery
Phao Binh Su Doan = Divisional Artillery
Phao Binh Thiet Giap = Armored Artillery
Phao Dai = Bunker
Phao Doi Chi Huy = Artillery Battery Headquarters
Phao Doi Truong = Battery Commander
Phao Ham = Gun Boat
Phao Luy = Fort
Phao Thu = Cannoneer/ Artillery Man
Phao Thuyen = Gun Boat
Phi Co = Plane
Phi Co Huan Luyen = Training Plane
Phi Co Khu Truc = Fighter Plane
Phi Co Len Thang = Helicopter
Phi Co Oanh Tac = Bomber
Phi Co Phan Luc = Jet Plane
Phi Co Tai Thuong = Air Ambulance
Phi Co Tuc Thang = Helicopter
Phi Co Van Tai = Transport Plane
Phi Cong = Pilot
Phi Doan = Flying Squadron
Phi Doi (PD) = Squadron
Phi Hanh = Flight
Phi Hanh Gia = Pilot
Phi Tac = Air Mission
Phi Truong = Airport
Phong Huan Luyen = Training Department
Phong Khong = Air Defense
Phong Thu = Defense
Phong Thu Hai Cang (PTHC) = Harbor Defense
Phong Ve Duyen Hai = Coast Guard
Quan Buu = Military Mail
Quan Buu Chinh = Military Mail Postage or Frank
Quan Buu Cuc = Military Post Office - Where "Quan Buu" Cancels Were Applied
Quan Cang = Military Port
Quan Canh (QC) = Military Police / Prison Guard
Quan Cu = Ordnance
Quan Dich = Military Service / Draft
Quan Dinh = Military Camp (no longer used – see Trai Linh)
Quan Doan = Strategic Army Corps
Quan Doi = Army Troops
Quan Doi Cach Mang = Revolutionary Army
Quan Doi Chanh Quy = Regular Army
Quan Hai = First Lieutenant (no longer used)*
Quan Ham = Warship
Quan Khu = Military Zone
Quan Linh = Soldiers, Troops
Quan Luc = Armed Forces
Quan Luc Viet Nam Cong Hoa = Army of the Republic of Vietnam
Quan Mot = Second Lieutenant (no longer used)*
Quan Nam = Colonel (no longer used)*
Quan Nhan = Soldier (Military Man)
Quan Nhu = Quartermaster Corps / Military Supplies Corps
Quan Sat Vien = Observer
Quan Si = Soldiers, Warriors
Quan Su = Military
Quan Thu (accent on "u") = Enemy
Quan Thu (QT) ("u" has “hook”) = Military Mail / Correspondence
Quan Tinh Nguyen = Volunteer
Quan Truong = Military School
Quan Tu = Major (no longer used)*
Quan Vu = Military Service
Quan Y / Binh Chung Quan Y / Cuc Quan Y= Medical Corps
Quan Y Vien = Military Hospital / Medical Corpsman
Ra Da = Radar Unit
Radar Dia Sat = Ground Radar
Rung = Forest
Rung Nui Sin Lay (RNSL) = Rung (forest) Nui (mountain) Sin Lay (mud). This was the name of a Ranger training course at Duc My in Nha Trang
Sat Cong = Kill Communists (VC) - Motto of various units, esp. naval
Si Quan = Commissioned Officer
Si Quan Coi Vo Tuyen Dien = Radio Officer
Si Quan Hai Quan = Naval Officer
Si Quan Hanh Quan = Operations Officer
Si Quan Phu Ta Xu Ly = Executive Officer
Si Quan Phu Trach = Officer in Charge
Si Quan Quan Buu = Postal Officer
Si Quan Quan Thue = Customs / Revenue Officer
Si Quan Quan Tri Va Nhan Vien = Human Resource Officer
Si Quan Tai Chanh = Finance Officer
Si Quan Thong Tin Cong Cong = Public Relations Officer
Si Quan Tiep Te = Supply Officer
Si Quan Tinh Bao = Intelligence Officer
Si Quan Tuyen Binh = Recruiting Officer
Si Tot = Soldiers
Sinh Vien Si Quan (SVSQ) = Officer Trainee Cadet
Sinh Vien Si Quan Bo Binh = Officer Trainee, Infantry
Sinh Vien Si Quan Tru Bi Thu Duc = Trainee Cadet at Thu Duc Reserved Infantry School
Sinh Vien Si Quan Vo Bi / Da Lat = Officer Cadet at National Military Academy in Dalat
So Quan (SQ) = Military Service Number
Su Doan (SD) = Division
Su Doan 2 Khong Quan (SD2KQ) = 2nd Air Division
Su Doan Khinh Chien (SDKC) = Light Division (e.g.12th Light Division)
Sung Phong Phao = Artillery
Tai Xe = Driver
Tem Thu (Thandstamp) = Postage Due
Ten Lua = SAM Unit
Tham Bao = Recon Unit
Tham Kich = Recon Force
Tham Sat = Recon
Thien Xa = Sharpshooter
Thiet Giap = Calvary, Armor
Thieu Doi Truong = Squad Leader
Thieu Khu (TK) = Small Unit
Thieu Ta = Major ("Junior Grade Superior Officer")
Thieu Ta Ky Thuat = Major, Technical Sector
Thieu Tuong = Major ("Junior") General
Thieu Tuong Cong Binh = Major General, Engineers
Thieu Uy (TH/U) = Second Lieutenant
Tho May = Mechanic
Thong Tin Vien = Messenger
Thong Tuong = General
Thu = Letter
Thu Bin = Military Letter
Thu Ky (Quan Nhan) = Clerk
Thu Hanh Quan = “In the Field”
Thu Linh Hanh Quan = “Soldier's Letter in the Field”
Thuong Khan = Extremely Urgent
Thuong Si = WOJG-1 or First Sergeant
Thuong Si Hoa Hoc = Master Sergeant, Chemical Branch
Thuong Si Nhat = Sergeant Major
Thuong Uy Bo Binh Co Gioi = Second Lieutenant,Armour
Thuong Uy Dac Cong = Captain, Sappers
Thuy Bo = Amphibious
Thuy Cong = Underwater Demolition Team
Thuy Quan = Navy
Thuy Quan Luc Chien (TQLC) = Marines
Thuy Thu = Sailor
Thuy Xuong (Hai Quan) = Repair Facility (Naval)
Tiep Lieu = Supplies
Tieu Dinh = Small Ship
Tieu Doan (TD) = Battalion
Tieu Doan Chuyen Nghiep (TDCN) = Specialist Battalion
Tieu Doan Chien Thuat = Battalion Combat Team
Tieu Doan Kinh Quan (TDKQ) = Commando Battalion, short lived during French Period
Tien Doan Yem Tro Triep = Supply and Support (Naval Base)
Tieu Doi = Squad
Tieu Doi Truong = Squad Leader
Tieu Khu (TK) = Sector
Toan = Group or Team
Toan Quan Chien Dau = Combat Group
Tong Bo An Ninh = Central Committee Security - Military/Political Correctness Censor
Tong Hanh Dinh(THD) = Headquarters
Tong Y Vien (TYV) = Military Hospital
Trai Giam = Concentration Camp / Disciplinary Barracks
Trai Huan Luyen = Training Camp
Trai Linh = Military Camp
Trai Tap Trung = Concentration Camp
Trai Tu Binh = Prisoner of War Camp
Trang Giap Ham = Armoured Ship
Trinh Sat = Reconnaissance
Truc Loi = Minesweeper
Truc Loi Dinh (TLD) = Motor Launch Mine Sweeper
Trung Doan = Regiment
Trung Doan Chien Thuat = Regimental Combat Team
Trung Doi (TRD) = Platoon
Trung Doi Truong = Platoon Leader
Trung Si (T/S) or TSI) = Sergeant
Trung Si Cong Binh = Sergeant, Engineers
Trung Si Nhat = Master Sergeant / Sergeant First Class
Trung Ta = Lieutenant Colonel
Trung Ta Phao Binh = Lieutenant Colonel, Artillery
Trung Tam = Center (i.e. Training Center)
Trung Tam Cai Huan = "Center to Teach Change" - Chieu Hoi Program Camp Marking
Trung Tam Huan Luyen Hai Quan (TTHL / HQ) = Naval Forces Training Center
Trung Tuong = Lieutenant General ("Intermediate General")
Trung Tuong Hau Can = Lieutenant General, Logistical/Supply Units (?)
Trung Uy = First Lieutenant ("Intermediate Grade Junior Officer")
Truong Bay = Airfield
Truong Ha Si Quan = NCO Academy
Truong Khong Quan = Flight School
Truong Ky Thuat = Tech Center
Truong Quan Bao = Military Intelligence School
Truong Quan Cu = Ordnance School
Truong Quan Nhu = Quartermaster School
Truong Quan Y = Army Medical School
Truong Sinh Ngu Qhan Doi = Armed Forces Language School
Truong Sinh Vien Si Quan = Officer Candidates School
Truong Thieu Sinh Quan = Junior Military School / "Children's Army School"
Truong Vo Bi Quoc Gia Viet Nam (TVB/QG/VN) = Vietnam National Military Acadamy
Tuan Tham = Patrol
Tuan Tieu Chien Dau = Combat Patrol
Tuan Zuong Ham = Ocean Patrol Ship
Tu Binh = Prisoner
Tu Lenh = Commander
Tu Tran = Killed in Action
Tuan Duong Ham (TDH) = Ocean Patrol Ship
Tuan Tham (TT) = Patrol
Van Chuyen = Transportation
Vi Chi Huy = Commander
Vien Tham = Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP)
Vo Tuyen = Radio Man
Vung = Zone or Corps
Vung I Chien Thuat = Military Strategic Region 1
Vung (1-5) Duyen Hai = Naval Coastal Zone (1-5)
Vung (3 or 4) Song Ngoi = 3rd/4th Riverine Zone
VBQG = National Military Acadamy
Xa Thu = Gunner
Xa Thu Lien Thanh = Machine Gunner
Xung Kich = Strike Force
Xung Phong = Assault

Republic of Viet-Nam Armed Forces Mottos, Slogans and Mascots:

ARVN Infantry:

Bac Long = White Dragon (3rd Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment)
Hac Bao = Black Panther (1st Division)
Hac Long = Black dragon (11th Infantry Regiment Recon Company)
Hai Su = Sea Master (4th Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment)
Kim Long = Yellow Dragon (2nd Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment)
Manh Ho = Ferocious Tiger (1st Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment)
O Den = Black Black Eagle (1st Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment)
Quyet Thang = Resolved to Win (12th Infantry Regiment)
Thanh Sa = Sacred Snake (3rd Infantry Division)
Xich Long = Red Dragon (2nd and 4th Battalion, 11th Infantry Regiment)


Cam-Tu = Suicide (6th Battalion Slogan)
Danh-Du To Quoc = Honor & Country (TQLC motto, like "Semper Fi" in US Marine Corps)
Hac Long = Black Dragon (5th Battalion Mascot)
Hum Xam = Killer Tiger (7th Battalion Mascot)
Huu-Hien & Chian Thang = Efficiency & Victory (Transportation Battalion Motto)
Kinh Ngu = Killer Sharks (4th Battalion Mascot)
Loi-Hoa = Lightning Fire (1st Artillery Battalion Motto)
Manh-Ho = Strong Tiger (9th Battalion Mascot)
No-Than = Sacred Bo (3rd Artillery Battalion Motto)
O-Bien = Sea Hawk (8th Battalion Mascot)
Quan Dieu = Monster Bird (1st Battalion Mascot)
Soi Bien = Sea Wolf (3rd Battalion Mascot)
Than-Tien = Sacred Arrow (2nd Artillery Battalion Motto)
Than-Ung = Sacred Bird (6th Battalion Mascot)
Trau Dien = Crazy Buffalo (2nd Battalion Mascot)
Truyen Song = Tidal Wave (Signal Battalion)


Hai Kich = Frogman Motto
Than Tien = Sacred Arrow (LSIL HQ331)
Thang Khong Kieu, Bai Khong Nan = "Not Arrogant When Winning, Not Discouraged When Losing" (River Mine Sweeper Group 93)
Vuot Song Ngan Thu = Across Waves to Stop Enemies (HQ613)

Special Forces:

Danh Du-Dung Cam = Honor and Gallantry (77th Special Forces Battalion)
Danh Du To Quoc = Honor Nation (Technical Directorate)
Loi Ho = Lightning Tiger (Recon Team Loi Ho)
Loi Vu = Lightning Force (81st Battalion)
Queyet Tu = Ready to Die (unknown unit)
Tham Tu = Suicide (Exploitation Force)
Than Ho = Sacred Tiger (81st Group Strike Company)
Xich Quy = Phantom (81st Group Intelligence Unit)

North Viet-Nam / Socialist Republic of Viet-Nam Military Terms:
The following terms are predominately or exclusively associated with Communist Vietnamese military forces.

Bao Dam = Secured or Warranted (Viet Cong)
Bao Ve = Military Security (Dept. of PAVN General Political Directorate)
Bao Ve Bien Cuong = Frontier Guards
Binh Nhi = Private
Binh Nhat = Private First Class
Bo Doi = Army / Service Men
Bo Doi Bien-Phong = Border Defense Force
Bo Doi Xe Tang = Tank Driver
Bo Quoc Phong = Ministry of National Defence
Bo Thuong Binh va Xa Hoi = Ministry of War Invalids (& Social Welfare)
Bo Tong Tham-Muu = People's Army of Viet-Nam (PAVN) General Staff
Bo Tu-Lenh Quan-Khu = Military Region
Can Bo = Cadre / Officer
Can Bo Nam Vung = Undercover Agent
Chien Si = Soldier; Combatant
Chien-Truong Mien Bac = Northern Theater
Chuan Uy = Third Lieutenant, Aspirant
Cuc Lien-Lac Doi-Ngoai Bo Quoc-Phong = Minister Defense External Relations Dept.
Dai Ta = Senior Colonel (Considered to be of General Rank)
Dai Tuong = Senior General (Highest Rank - 4 Stars)
Dai Uy = Captain
Dai Uy Xe Tang = Captain, Armour
Dia Phuong = Local / Region
Dia Phuong Quan = Provincial / Regional Forces
Di Xem = Examined
Doan Thanh-Nien Xung-Phong = Youth "Rush to the Front" Organization
Don Vi Dan Quan Tu-Ve Huyen = District Militia
Ha Si = Corporal
Ho Dong Quoc Phong = National Defense Council
Hom Thu (HT) = Military Mail Box Number (unit)
Hop Thu = Mail Box Number (individual)
Khoi Nghia = General Uprising
Kiem Duyet = Censored or Examined
Kin (K) = Secret/Confidential Mail
Linh Chien Xa = Tankman
Linh Thuy Danh Bo = Marines
Luc Luong = Force
Luc Luong Nhan Dan Tu Ve = Village Forces
Nam Vung Thoi-Co = "To Sieze the Opportunity"
Quan = Army / Force
Quan Dan Nhat Tri = Unity of Mind - People and Army
Quan Doi Dang Lanh-Dao = Party-led Army
Quan Doi Giai Phong = National Liberation Front (NLF) Army
Quan-Doi Nhan-Dan = People's Army of Viet-Nam (PAVN)
Quan Giai Phong = Army of Liberation
Quan Khu = Military Region
Quan Phuc Vien = Demobilized Soldier
Quan-Uy Truong-Uong Dang = Central Military Party Committee
Rung Sat (R) e.g. "HT 9R" = Jungle
San Bat Cuop = Bandit Hunters (Anti-Draft Dodger Unit)
Tan Binh = Recruit
Tem Binh Si = Postage Free
Tem Noi Bo = Internal Usage
Thieu Ta = Major
Thieu Tuong = Major General (1 Star)
Thieu Uy = Second Lieutenant
Thu Chien = Liberation Fighter
Thu Gui Nao Nam = "Somewhere in the South"
Thuong Ta = Rank Between Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel
Thuong Tuong = Colonel General (Rank Between Lieutenant General and Senior General - 3 Stars)
Thuong Uy = Rank Between First Lieutenant and Captain
Toa An Quan Su = Military Court
Toa An Qua Su Dac Biet = Special Military Tribunal
To-Dang = Party Cell
Tong Cuc Hau Can = Rear Services Directorate
To-Truong = Party Cell Leader
Trai Giao Hoa = Re-Education Center
Trung Si = Sergeant
Trung Ta = Lieutentant Colonel
Trung Tuong = Lieutenant General (2 Stars)
Trung Uy = First Lieutenant
Tu-Lenh = Militry Commander
Xoi Mon = "To Miss the Opportunity"

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